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Degeneracy Coding: Degen v1.4

Please acknowledge the use of this script in your publications and presentations by citing the following publications, in which the current and the first versions were presented, respectively:

Zwick, A., Regier, J.C. & Zwickl, D.J. (2012). "Resolving Discrepancy between Nucleotides and Amino Acids in Deep-Level Arthropod Phylogenomics: Differentiating Serine Codons in 21-Amino-Acid Models". PLoS ONE 7(11): e47450.

Regier, J.C., Shultz, J.W., Zwick, A., Hussey, A., Ball, B., Wetzer, R. Martin, J.W. & Cunningham, C.W. (2010). "Arthropod relationships revealed by phylogenomic analysis of nuclear protein-coding sequences". Nature 463: 1079-1083.

If you have used the Degen web service, please also cite [replace "DD MMM YYYY" with the date accessed]:

Zwick, A. "Degeneracy Coding Web Service."
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